Valentine's Day (Not Chocolate) Gift Guide 2021

Maybe it’s a little more difficult to take your partner out to wine and dine this Valentine's Day, but fret not, we’ll help you do this occasion right—whether you’re spending time together with our DIY Spa Kit, or journalling in unison about what you’re grateful for, The Trapeze Store has V-Day gifts at every price point. Redefine this occasion by avoiding chocolate or roses. Instead, charm your partner with wellness gifts that soothe aches and deepen conversations.

The Five Minute Journal

Seize every opportunity to know yourself and your partner better. This journal from Intelligent Change contains daily prompts that encourage reflection and progress towards goals. With a structured five minute approach to journaling, sitting down to write becomes less daunting. This piece is bound to deepen conversations by bringing both of you one step closer toward living more examined lives. 

Rainbow Playing Cards

Keep your dinners at home beyond romantic—keep it playful and entertaining. With Frederick & Mae’s rainbow playing cards that feature a full spectrum of captivating colours, you can challenge your partner with a card game of your choice, competitive or cheeky ;)

Desert Bloom Discovery Kit

Ever feel like a comprehensive skincare routine can be a chore to memorise? With LUXE Botanics’ Desert Bloom Discovery Kit, you no longer have to spend time picking products or vetting ingredients. In one kit, treat your skin to potent ingredients such as Marula, which is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and Camu, which is high in vitamin C and niacin. Make skincare routines great again.

Trapeze’s Valentine’s Day DIY Spa Kit

Our Valentine's Day DIY Spa Kit is curated for those who are looking to gift your partner a wellness kit that brings relaxation to your home. Enjoy your partner's company with a palo santo and rose scented candlelit dinner, before revelling in each other's presence with Eir NYC's Himalayan bath salts and a bottle of recovery massage oil blended with essential oils from extracts of cypress and sandalwood. It's hands on this year.

For more gift ideas, check out our Valentine's Day Collection on The Trapeze Store. If gifts aren't your thing, we've also created some tunes to go along with whatever your plans may be. Listen here.

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