Valentine's Day DIY Spa Kit

Valentine's Day DIY Spa Kit

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Our Valentine's Day DIY Spa Kit is curated for those who are looking to gift your partner a wellness kit that brings relaxation to your home. A palo santo candle to really uplift your mood and do wonders for your sense of gratitude, Eir NYC's himalayan bath salts infused with arnica, bergamot, and ginger to relieve inflammation in muscles and joints, and Eir NYC's massage oil to nourish skin. 

Why we love this: Make Valentine's Day less generic and more personal. Enjoy your partner's company with a romantic candlelit dinner, before revelling in each other's presence with our DIY Spa Kit. It's hands on this year.


*1x Palo Santo Scented Candle

*1x Post-Session Bath Salts

*1x Recovery Massage Oil